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2016 Closing the Gap report

Geraldton City Speedway

I am delighted to speak today about the Geraldton City Speedway. The Geraldton City Speedway was established in 1964 by a group of Geraldton revheads, originally racing on a block of land they leased north of the Geraldton airport. The speedway remained there for two years, until the property owner leased out the land for cropping—when al... read more »

Turnbull Government's work in the North West

I am very pleased to rise in this chamber to speak about one of the things I am very passionate about, which is Western Australia's north. Despite not often being thought about at all by the east-coast-centric media—not to mention the previous east-coast- and city-centric Labor government—the Kimberley and the Pilbara are two of Aus... read more »

Competition and Consumer Amendment (Payment Surcharges) Bill 2015

Mr Deputy Speaker Goodenough, I wish you a happy new year. I am pleased to rise in the House for the first time this year to speak on the Competition and Consumer Amendment (Payment Surcharges) Bill 2015. This bill will ban what can be incredibly unfair, excessive surcharges on processed payments, such as processing fees, b... read more »

Exmouth Deepwater Wharf

I am pleased today to speak about my recent trip to Exmouth a fortnight ago. Over 800 kilometres north of Geraldton, Exmouth is in the heart of the Gascoyne region, and this gorgeous iconic beachside town offers locals and tourists a great fishing, camping and snorkelling experience. Exmouth is home to more than 2,300 people according to the 2011 c... read more »

Labor 2013-14 Budget Savings (Measures No. 2)

 Another year and yet another 12 months that Labor still has not learnt from their mistakes. I am pleased today to rise to speak to the Labor 2013-14 Budget Savings (Measures No. 2) Bill 2015. As those who frequent this chamber have heard me say before, 'Good economic management is a part of this side of the chamber's DNA. Poor financial m... read more »

Domestic Violence

I am indeed very pleased to rise to speak in the House today on this very important issue regarding domestic violence.  I start by commending the Prime Minister's comments made in Parliament on White Ribbon Day last week. Like the Prime Minister has said on a number of occasions, violence against women and children is one of ... read more »

Turnbull Government on Climate Change

I am very pleased to rise in the House today to speak on this matter of public importance to set the record straight and to smash yet another one of the myths started by the increasingly irrelevant Labor Party. Australia is on track to meet and beat our 2020 target to cut emissions by five per cent below 2000 levels. This was confir... read more »

Australian Citizenship Amendment (Allegiance to Australia) Bill 2015

I would like to start off by saying what a privilege it is to be an Australian citizen and to be in this chamber today. The Remembrance Day ceremony at the War Memorial this year was truly memorable—although we did get a little bit wet—and it highlighted the fact that we truly do live in the best country in the world. We ... read more »

2015 achievements

As 2015 draws to a close, I would like to speak about some of the things I have achieved in Durack this year.  It would be remiss of me not to firstly speak about the government's Northern Australia white paper, which was released in June. Following the release of the paper, the Turnbull government will boost tourism in th... read more »
WA Threatened Species Forum

Turnbull Government on health

I am very pleased to speak on this matter of public importance and to help smash the myths perpetuated by those on the other side. We on this side have got a lot to say, especially about health care in the bush. We on this side continue to be on the moral high ground when it comes to health, with the Turnbull government increasing funding to WA... read more »

Migration Amendment (Charging for a Migration Outcome) Bill 2015

Just over two years ago, this government was elected with a mandate to create safer borders and reduce the debt. I am pleased to rise in the House today to speak on the Migration Amendment (Charging for a Migration Outcome) Bill 2015, which knuckles down on visa holders and their supporters and sponsors abusing the system. One of the many thin... read more »

Customs Amendment (China-Australia Free Trade Agreement Implementation) Bill 2015

May I take this opportunity to thank the opposition for finally coming to their senses and to the table, and showing bipartisan support for the China-Australia Free Trade Agreement. For a minute there I thought that Andrew Robb had no role whatsoever as trade minister in the negotiation of the ChAFTA agreement. I thought it was all credit to P... read more »

Social Services Legislation Amendment (More Generous Means Testing for Youth Payments) Bill 2015

The Turnbull government understands the need for a simpler and fairer youth income support system that focuses on young Australians who need it most. I am pleased to rise today to speak on the Social Services Legislation Amendment (More Generous Means Testing for Youth Payments) Bill 2015, which will ensure that those who really need the suppor... read more »
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